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so, if anyone has noticed, i literally just entered a ton of new work into my gallery. some of them are finished, but a good portion of them are still works in progress. i hope that everyone enjoyed, and yeah, about a week and a half till the end of the semester, and this is what i have done so far. and yes, i am proud. i really like this work, and i think taht there has been a progression. but more importantly, it was fun.

there all on cardboard.

well, thats fun. talk to you all later.

oh, and that contest, thats done...i dont even remember what that was all about. please let me know if you have any ideas for me to paint. suggestions would be nice. thanks again.


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so, its a new year, and i've decided to have a fresh start on all the online things that i have done. no old journals, no old work. only things that i have created starting on the first. yeah yeah, i know that i'm writing this after the first technically, but yeah. i didn't get around to this until now. i've gotten rid of all of my journals, and then im getting rid of all my old work, and as soon as i have finished some things that i'm currently working on i will be posting them. hopefully i will be more "prompt" this time.
for those out there that actually watch me, thanks for the attention, i hope that in the future i give more work for you to watch. and hopefully it's worth watching.
thanks again.
heres to a new year. happy 2009 everyone.


you can smile if you want to.
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